Stuart Howe, resident potter and owner of Brevard Clay, will use this space as his primary production studio. Stoneware pottery will be made, decorated, and fired at the location to give customers a unique connection and experience of viewing the works during creation. 


The gallery will feature a collection of functional, affordable ceramics as well as other local crafts. We will offer a curated collection that honors quality craftsmanship as well as aesthetic quality. Items sold at Brevard Clay are meant to be used and loved as part of your every day life.

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Paint your own Pottery

Brevard Clay is also your go-to creative space for an interactive arts experience! Paint-your-own pottery is the perfect activity for people of all ages to express their creative side. Make something beautiful that you can take home or give to a loved one. This is also a great activity for birthday parties and other fun gatherings for your work, church group, and friends!