Paint your own Pottery


How does it work? 
Everyone can be an artist at Brevard Clay! The whole painting process usually takes 1-2 hours. There are no studio fees, so if you need more time to finish, there's no rush. After painting, processing and firing usually take 7 days, and items can be shipped as needed. See below for more details on each step. 

1. Select your piece(s)
Start by deciding which piece(s) of bisque-ware you want to paint. Brevard Clay has a wide selection of pieces ranging from simple to intricate and small to large. The average price per item is around $15 -$25, with some items as priced as low as $2. There are no studio fees or any additional costs - the price you see on the bisque-ware covers the whole creation process. 

2. Make it your own!
head over to the design center to select your colors and pick up everything else you'll need to transform you vision into reality! There are plenty of fun design tools you might like to use - brushes, sponges, stencils, and more. You can design your piece using any of our supplies. 

3. Processing Time (7 days)
Once your finished, leave the piece(s) on the table and we will take them to the backroom for final glazing and firing.  Your masterpiece will be ready in 5-7 days.  Sometime we have to increase the pick up time to 9 days during extremely busy times of the year; if this is the case, we will let you know. Rushing your pieces is possible for $5.00 per piece, but it also depends on our kiln schedule.  Please ask a staff person prior to painting if rushing your pieces is possible.

4. Pick up
At check out, you will receive a receipt with your pick up date.   We will hold onto your completed piece(s) for 30 days from your scheduled pick up date. If you live out of town, we would be happy to ship finished pieces to you. Please leave an address at check out, and we will process shipping costs at that time. 

Feeling lost? If you need any help, a staff person can walk you though the process and help you at any point along the way.