Panthertown Pottery

Klayton Huff and Molly Brouwer grew up in rural Indiana. They both pursued art degrees at Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, where they met as freshmen. Before long they had become close friends and collaborators. Molly received her BFA in printmaking while Klayton received his BFA in Ceramics, and together they spent a lot of time in the sculpture department where they could incorporate both of their focuses and explore other mediums as well. Both graduated in the spring of 2011 and immediately followed their dream of moving to the mountains of Western North Carolina to immerse themselves in the tradition of folk pottery and art production. Lucky enough to stumble upon Mud Dabbers Pottery in Brevard, both began working as full-time potters. Klayton put his fine art degree to work while learning even more about functional pottery, and Molly utilized her background in sculpture to quickly pick up hand-building techniques while using her two-dimensional skills to apply surface design to both of their pieces. They utilized their time in the studio at Mud Dabbers to learn all they could about the trade and how a production pottery studio functions. In 2013, they got married and purchased a home in nearby Lake Toxaway where they could fulfill their dream of building their own workspaces. The two took a break from production in early 2015 to build their pottery studio and form Panthertown Pottery & Print (named after nearby Panthertown Valley). Here, they make work to be sold through nearby shops and galleries. They spent extra time developing all their own unique clay and glaze recipes, and are working hard to get their pottery business running smoothly and find time to to start utilizing their newest studio space for screen-printing, sewing, and fiber arts. Here, Molly will be able to fully utilize the skills she acquired in school to create unique printed and sewn goods as well as incorporate printed surfaces onto their pottery.

If you think this pair sounds familiar, you may have read about their production work for Sabra Hummus. Here's the Transylvania Times article from October 2017