Artist Statement

My work is most influenced by a strong sentimentality for my past and close consideration for how those experiences and relationships influence my life.  I seek a sense of rhythm, evolution, chance and persistence in and through my practice.   The direct record of response to touch and manipulation of the raw material,  as well as the involved, deliberate loading and firing of my work in wood-burning kilns provides me with a balance of both control and serendipity throughout the process.  The surfaces I seek are an aesthetic that echoes the tones, textures, and variation I experience in both the natural and constructed world around me . The constant weathering and deterioration of these seemingly lasting components of our physical world compel me to create objects that reference the beauty in the universal vulnerability to time and change.  I aim to elicit a feeling, or sentiment through my work that relates to time, place, people, purpose and impermanence through the treatment of the materials I use.



Will Dickert is a studio potter in Asheville, NC. He was raised in Southwestern Virginia and has a strong affinity and love for the Southern Appalachian region.  He attended the University of North Carolina Asheville and graduated with a focus in Ceramics and a received a North Carolina Art Education licensure from the same university as a post-baccalaureate student. He creates stoneware pottery and sculpture in his shared studio space situated among a vibrant community of makers and artists along the French Broad River in Asheville.  His work is wood-fired using a number of techniques and kilns, both traditional and contemporary in design and effect.  Teaching and exposing the community to art and clay is a passion that continues to play a signifigant role in his involvement in the arts.  Will also enjoys live music, gardening, mowing, backpacking, cooking, eating, Jeopardy!, tennis, beer, baseball, dogs, mountains, and every single minute he gets to spend with his beautiful wife.  His ceramic work is represented in the permanent collection of The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC, and numerous private collections throughout the country.