Painting pottery is the perfect activity to do with the special kiddo in your life! After school, on the weekend, rainy days, sunny days... every day and every time is a good time to get those creative juices flowing! We all know that creating something can be fun, but did you know that art is also an important part of child development? Making art can help with the development of motor skills, decision making, visual learning, creativity, and inventiveness. Learn more at PBS

There is no minimum age to come and make something at Brevard Clay! Many infants got their artistic start by leaving footprints or handprints on items that help capture their sweet early months. Toddlers can make fingerprint caterpillars and turkeys. Anyone who can hold a brush can paint something of their their own. Our glazes are nontoxic and lead free so children and babies can participate.

At Brevard Clay we value functional art. Many of the items you paint can also be used in your every day life; choose from any number of useful items such as coffee mugs, bowls, plates, boxes, banks. There are also plenty of fun and imaginative items to choose from. Painted items make great gifts for loved ones, and stand as a marker in time for the young person in your life who might some day be taller than you!